Engaging co-branding of coffee brand

Nespresso's unique capsule coffee concept and user-friendly coffee machines have won the Danes over long time ago. But Nespresso wanted to stand out from competitors.
RelationsPeople and Nespresso collaborated on a campaign that highlighted Nespresso's strengths - quality and coffee expertise. The purpose of the campaign was to position Nespresso as expert and exponent of quality ingredients and emphasize Nespresso as a brand which delivers premium coffee experiences.
The solution was a cross-media campaign where Nespresso signed a co-branding partnership with the exclusive Kokkedal Castle Copenhagen and the castle's acclaimed pastry chef Torben Bang. The actual focal point of the campaign was a dessert competition with close involvement of 10 selected gastrobloggers and activation of Nespresso club members. The contest tied Nespresso quality products and coffee expertise to the castle's expertise in desserts, and the challenge for the participants was to create the most delicious and beautiful dessert with Nespresso coffee.
The campaign culminated with the launch of a cookbook with recipes from Torben Bang, the ten bloggers and one lucky winner among the Nespresso club members. The recipe booklet was distributed through Nespresso boutiques in Denmark and at Kokkedal Castle Copenhagen.
The competition was activated via social media with the hashtag #vielskerdessert and #nespressodk on Instagram, a special track targeted club members on the Nespresso Danish Facebook page and via references and competitions in the participating blogs.
Selected results
  • 5,000 recipe booklets were distributed from the Danish Nespresso Boutiques and Kokkedal Castle Copenhagen
  • 16 blog mentions
  • 36 Instagram posts with a total reach of 154,585
  • 1,437 likes, 47 comments and 52 shares on the Nespresso Danish Facebook page

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