Introduction to the Danish market

The London based architects Upton-Hansen Architects wanted to enter the Danish market.

To million square meter high-rises globally; that is the result of Upton-Hansen Architects' work in the six years the practice has existed. On average the company is working on the design and construction of ten high-rises around the globe - high-rises are their expertise.

Upton-Hansen Architects turned to RelationsPeople when they wanted to enter the Scandinavian market where high-rises are getting more popular. RelationsPeople helped the architects build a presence in the Danish media and developed a digital strategy for the launch. Among other things this included content development and content plans, primarily using LinkedIn and a news letter where the potential for the company was considered greatest.

The result is that Upton-Hansen Architects are no longer an unknown company when participating in architectural pitches and cooperations. In other words the ground is prepared for coming cooperations in Scandinavia.

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Sofie Desmareth Riemann

Advisor, partner
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